With your back to the image side of the door, determine the hinge.



Proper installation will ensure the best performance and longest lasting results. The magnetic hinge may be attached to a hollow, metal door frame, or to Stainless Steel Hinge Plates provided for non-magnetic surfaces. Any existing strike plates or other features on the door frames should be removed prior to installation of the SSPD.


Initial installation for applications on non-magnetic surfaces is best done with two people - one person to hold the SSPD in place while the other person positions the Hinge Plates. Once the plates are installed, the SSPD may be positioned by one person.


Parts List per Single Panel SSPD - Steel Frame Installation


1. SSPD, 1 each


Parts List per Single Panel SSPD - Non-Magnetic Surface Installation (tile, wood, aluminum)


1. SSPD, 1 each


2. Hinge Plates, 4 each


Steel Frame Installation


1. Fit SSPD into the door frame at the desired height. A 12" gap between the floor and the bottom of the door is recommended. Magnets in the hinge will secure the SSPD to the door frame.


Non-Magnetic Surface Installation


1. Locate the magnets within the top, center and bottom of the hinge.


2. Fit SSPD into the door frame at the desired height. A 12" gap between the floor and the bottom of the door is recommended. Hold the SSPD in position and mark the door frame or wall at the locations where the magnets align.


3. Set the SSPD aside. Install a Hinge Plate onto the door frame or wall, centered over each of the three marked magnet locations. Each hinge plate requires three appropriately anchored #10 tamper-proof screws.


4. If desired, the edges of the hinge plates may be sealed with a pick-resistant caulk.


5. Attach the SSPD magnetic hinge to the Hinge Plates.


6. Locate the magnetic closure loop on the SSPD (opposite of the hinge). Mark the area on the door frame where the fourth Hinge Plate intersects it when the door is closed.


7. Install the fourth Hinge Plate, centered over the marked area of the frame. If using anchors, hold the plate in position and mark the four screw holes prior to drilling. If not anchoring, then screw the plate directly to the door frame.






SSPD’s and SSPA’s are made of durable materials that will hold up to daily patient and client use in the hospital or mental health environment. Doors and artwork are covered in an anti-microbial vinyl material which is fire-resistant and abrasion-resistant. All of the sewn seams on the SSPD's and SSPA's are sealed to make them waterproof.


Cleaning is relatively simple and quick. A warm soapy, water solution is adequate to clean the doors and artwork, followed by wiping them down with a dry, clean cloth. Other cleaning agents, such as Windex, 409 or other cleansers, are not recommended for use on the SSPD’s or SSPA’s. Users can either clean the doors as they hang in place, or remove and set aside each time they clean.

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