Kennon is a manufacturing and engineering company located in Sheridan, WY. Our Soft Suicide Prevention Doors and Artwork are the result of a collaboration with two patient safety specialists who worked for our local VA Hospital in 2008. These VA employees were charged with finding a safe option for their in-patient behavioral health unit to replace bathroom doors and shower curtains. The was to provide a safe option while maintaining a level of privacy and dignity for the patients.

Today, our products are widely used in VA, state and private behavioral health facilities across the US and internationally.

Our SSPDs and SSPAs are meticulously manufactured by hand, using specific materials and processes designed with quality and patient safety in mind.

Kennon works with customers and industry experts to understand changing needs and regulations in the behavioral health realm. Our sales team, design engineers and production specialists work together to ensure the highest quality product is delivered every day. With our 100% guarantee and ISO 9001:2015 certification, we strive to meet and exceed customer expectations.